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Loving Realities

"We are magnificent creators in every moment"

Beverly offers a wide range of modalities to help release old debilitating patterns. Each session can be done either in person, over the phone or remotely. Space clearings are also available. All sessions are customized for that person and/or group. Customized group parties or session are available for six or more people.
To book a session please call: 510.316.0939
Frequently asked questions:

What might come up in a session with Beverly?

A need for space clearing
Identifying emotional blocks, past life traumas, imprints and interferences
Scanning of physical body for structural issues and /or nutritional deficiencies
(are some examples of what may come up in a session)
What do I have to do to prepare for a session?-There is nothing you have to do for a session other than show up with an open heart and mind.

-It is best if you are in a comfortable and quiet place without distractions.
-It can be helpful if you have an idea of what you want to work on and any specific questions you may have written down before hand. Taking notes is recommended.
-Proper nutrition and good hydration are always beneficial!

What do I do during the session?

Beverly will guide you through it. The sessions are in a very compassionate and safe environment.

Does the work last?

Once an energy is cleared, Beverly will give you "positive actions" that you can practice daily to keep your frequency high and your space clear.

How much for a session?

Each session is customized please call for prices. Session can be paid by cash, check or www.paypal.com using my email address (bmontgomery888@yahoo.com)


Group Healing Session Payment



Lifetimes of work can be covered in one hour.

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Beverly's work is for educational purposes only and should never replace the care of a medical doctor or therapist.