Loving Realities
Loving Realities

"We are magnificent creators in every moment"

"Beverly is a miracle. She is truly the most pure being I know.
While she is keenly psychic and intuitive, her greatest gift is that she can identify stuck patterns and clear energies that keep us from moving forward and experiencing our full life potential.
She has a connection with the divine like no one I have met. (and I have met many spiritual beings including the Dalai Lama and Amma)
I had an "incurable" illness that I am now recovering from. Without Beverly, I wouldn't have had a second chance at life. Her work is the missing link in any healing process. Spiritual ills cannot be fixed by medicine. Beverly has pulled me out of the darkest places and empowered me to heal with Grace and fearlessness.
Beverly is a rare gem in this world and we are so fortunate to have her. I have referred friends and family and they are always astounded by her work.
My only caution to you in working with her is that you must be prepared for miracles to be an everyday occurrence. "Lucky you."
-Dana Walsh
Seattle, Washington

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Beverly's work is for educational purposes only and should never replace the care of a medical doctor or therapist.