Loving Realities
Loving Realities

"We are magnificent creators in every moment"

This is a page dedicated to the profound tools we can use everyday, in public, in a car, in silence--anywhere and anytime one feels the need to restore balance.

Tapping different points on the body is an extremely powerful technique. Tapping specific points on the body balance the chi (meridian) of that point.
On the back of your hand, tap the point between your ring finger and pinky, just below the knuckle- midway down the hand. This is the "Gamut point". It might feel a bit sensitive.
While tapping the Gamut point repeat the statement " Even though I am feeling______, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Repeat 3 times.
Addressing the negative emotion while tapping this point regulates the nervous system (your brain) so we don't have to "shut down" or react to stressful emotions.

Brain Balancing with Essential oils (for ordering use member #605693)

Take a Young Living Oil (the only company we can guarantee).
Pick one that you are attracted to in the moment.
Hold right nostril closed with the right hand while holding the essential oil in the left. Breath into the left nostril while holding the right shut for three breaths.
Switch to holding the left nostril closed and breathing the oil into the right nostril. Then take three breaths through both nostrils.

BEMER 3000

BEMER 3000 is a true breakthrough in alternative medicine. This simple and lightweight mat houses coils that create a resonance that matches the earth's frequencies. The benefits are life changing. Being on the mat for eight minutes gives the circulation benefits of a seven mile walk. Please contact for me for ordering information.


Make this statement when you are feeling conflict with another person or self.
The results are immediate. Please see "glossary" for further explanation.
"I love you". "I am sorry for what you are going through". "Please Forgive Me". "Thank you,Thank you, Thank you".


Call me for ordering

Waveshield is dedicated to supporting people in there use of cell phones. I have found these protective devices to be very affordable and helpful. They have number of products to suit your needs. Waveshield was designed to help with the ongoing concern of safe cell phone use. I use them for my children and myself.

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